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Photo favorites for the year - 2010 - Happy New Year!!

Well the year has come to an end, and with many things time must go on. It's been a bitter sweet year, filled with blessings, as well as hardships... but all life changing moments. I have some favorite photo moments of 2010 to share.  For me, each photo has it's own story, whether told by me or the subject that I was photographing but I compiled a few of my favorite photos throughout the year to showcase. Some are personal, of my own children, or just favorite images from particular sessions. They aren't in any particular sequence, organization is one of my New Years Resolutions!  :)   Enjoy!!

Hope 2011 is just as inspiring as 2010!! Have a happy new year everyone!


Handmade Photo Albums

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Another sample of one that has been sold.

A plush wall art frame.

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Signs of Winter.... almost!!

It was so funny, yesterday we had very few flurries here in New York. When I mean few, it was few. The sun cleared it away by 11am. Although, my kids at the sight of snow wanted to run outside to play. 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday. Are they kidding?? So after postponing for a half an hour and asking if I could just please have my coffee! I finally gave in after a few sips. Took 20 minutes to pull out the hats, gloves, snow pants, find the sled...you name it! Got outside and it was melting away already. This is a pretty hilarious image of them heading down to the "snow hill" and my son trying to shovel off the snow from the road to add to the "snow hill". Look at all the grass :)

Here are a few shots of my youngest goofing around in the snow that was left. Somehow there did manage to be enough for him to roll around in where the shade was.

And then............

there is the aftermath.........

NEED I SAY MORE???????????

While they were outside I decided to do a bit of Holiday decorating and put my ornaments up on the front of the house. I opted out of lights this year just for my sanity's sake, but there's always next year.

Last but not least I finished up my ornament decorating inside and called it a day!


I Heart Faces Black and White Scenic Photo Entry

This week at I Heart Faces is a scenic BW entry. I didn't get a chance to get out shooting in particular for this entry but recall one of my favorite photos from over the summer in this field that I kept going back to. It's not so much a background scene but the flowers in the foreground help to create the scene along with the sun setting.

For a chance to enter or check out all the other great entries head on over to the blog.


Wedding Bliss

Some quick shots of Bethany and Garrett's wedding. I love this couple and they are so great together. The wedding was in Utica, NY at the Radisson Hotel. It was awesome to photograph walking down Genesee Street. Car honking, love, laughter and limos. What a great day!!

 Getting ready at mom's house. Cousin Kasey came all the way from California. It was so great to reunite!!

 Gorgeous day, gorgeous bride!! Waiting patiently (well at least by the looks of it) to come out of the limo and become a Mrs.

 Beautiful bridesmaids flowers!!

 Love this in black and white!!

 Getting all bustled for a night of dancing!!


 One of my favs!!
 The limo ride to take pictures at the Utica Stanley. MOST awesome!!!

 Good times!
 The guys, and Nic  LOL
 Handsome Groom!
 Strutting down Genesee Street!
 Fun one!
 The first dance!! :) Such a sweet moment!

What a great day and I was so grateful to be involved!!

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