Everything around us is in constant change. Photography is our means of capturing the here and now....

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Week 13 - Dramatic BW

This is one of my favorite pics of 2 of my kiddos. Their personalities are right in this image. This is one I will always keep dear to me, I think iheartfaces will like it too! I am submitting it for the dramatic theme this week because I like the feel of it.

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Photoshop CS5 has been announced to be released on April 15th, 2010

Just when I thought I was all caught up with programs -  Boom right back at me :)  PHOTOSHOP CS5.  Although, personally there aren't enough changes in it to justify upgrading, but WOW, where does the digital age end?  I remember processing film, and if you wanted something burned out you had to swish swipe your hand, paper, pen, what not back and forth over the light source in the DARK room!  I can't believe I can sit in my bright and airy office and completely remove an unwanted item from a scene with a click!! (yes seriously)  Check it out!


I Heart Faces - Week 12 My little jelly bean monster :)

This weeks theme is focusing on angles. This is a favorite pic of mine. He was stealing jelly beans and peeking at me through the back of the chair. Luckily my camera was on hand!

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Boys' Best Friend!!!

Clicked these quickly today with my point and shoot. My son was loving it but the dog - not so much!!


Happy St. Patty's Day !!

My daughter asked me to knit her bunny a green scarf for St. Pattys Day. So here it is.



Sibling Love.... Umm I mean Rivalry ??

This goes to show that in an instance a sibling can turn. One minute they were playing and laughing, the next my oldest boy got his head smashed into the snow by the "lil" sis.


This one brings back childhood memories..

Remember as a kid, or even an adult :) trying to catch the snowflakes out of the sky. The flakes were so huge this day that they kept getting splattered all over. So cute!


Looks can be deceiving :)

So they look like angels right? and then comes the brotherly face smash into the snow. Just look at her face, so proud of herself for that one moment, until he regains his now frozen reflexes, and starts to chase her down. She knows she's in for it but the look on her face is one of pure accomplishment.


Winter Storm 2010

The only good thing that the NY Winter storm of 2010 brought about was the opportunity to click some pics and a surprise visit with family due to no power!! Here are a few of my favs.
The deer came out early in the morning.  There were about 5 of them wandering around.

The sun finally peeked after already 4 days of snow, snow, snow!!

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