Everything around us is in constant change. Photography is our means of capturing the here and now....

Fall Festivals, Peak color changing, Portraits and Football. A whirlwind!!

Peak color changing season has come and before we know it will be gone. The nights are getting chilly, my garden is in the process of being pulled up for the winter, busy harvesting my brussel sprouts and still some swiss chard, and then in with the snow before we know it. It's been a busy fall so far for me but I love every minute of it. Weddings, fall festivals, football games, family portraits, and senior yearbook photos have all kept me clicking the camera away. "Baby Nikon" has had his share of work :) All a good thing!! I am happy to share a few photos of my own little guy while taking a nice stroll on the trails by my house. He enjoys taking his scooter but mommy always ends up carrying it because "it's too bumpy" on the trails.

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