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Blogger space!!

Ok, so I am so very sorry to be in blog space and not have been posting.  I have quite a bit that I am working on right now and with no excuses just have been plain ole busy!  I do promise to keep you updated a bit more than this. I have been working on an art blog for some summer classes that I will be teaching so that has been a bit time consuming.  I will post the link as soon as I have it up and running.

Also in the works is getting a new NIKON camera. Ancient, yet well-loved is my film camera but I would like to step it up a notch and go digital.  I have a ton of slides and negatives to get scanned in as well (reason for the blog lag) but, in due time my friends. Please stay tuned and I promise to post more once I slow down a bit!  Thanks a bunch!!!

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